Airdrop News: Penumbra Airdrop! How to claim your penumbra airdrop and stake!

Airdrop News: Penumbra Airdrop – Open Until June 27th!

22. June 2024

Another 7 days left to claim your Penumbra airdrop – Open Until June 27th at UTC 23:30!

We’ve uploaded a short video guide on our official Youtube channel:

You can check your Penumbra airdrop eligibility (and claim your tokens) here:

CryptoCrew Penumbra Mainnet validator address: penumbravalid1rp3ensht938kegyckygsnu7pjvzj3vvcxys842jywzct7t3nfupslhnpy4

You can find all information regarding the Penumbra airdrop here:


Official Penumbra website:

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