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Total value staked

17,868,803 USD
  • Trusted Blockchain Validator

    CryptoCrew Validators support a selected set of blockchain networks. We operate bare-metal servers in partnering datacenters, we utilize key-management, sentry node architecture, private connections and a dedicated 24/7 monitoring & alert system.
  • IBC Infrastructure Provider

    We provide powerful infrastructure to the interchain. Our high-throughput IBC relayer systems are amongst the world’s most efficient. Over 15 chains are already connected by CryptoCrew. Find our “relayed by CryptoCrew” memo in your IBC transaction. Contact us to interconnect your network.
  • Community Based

    CryptoCrew offers various free-of-charge information- and discussion channels on Telegram, Twitter, Reddit and Discord. Originally founded by OG Bitcoin investors over 10 years ago, we share updates and news, crypto-market analysis or technical insight in our community.

Staking Dashboard

By staking with us you actively support the expansion of IBC.

    Cosmos Hub

    Stake Now!
    341,477.19 ATOM
    3,834,788.80 USD
    21.96% APR


    Stake Now!
    1,097,468.07 OSMO
    879,377.02 USD
    21.99% APR


    Stake Now!
    310,987.08 JUNO
    320,005.71 USD
    33.25% APR

    Secret Network

    Stake Now!
    1,287,894.20 SCRT
    869,574.58 USD
    24.24% APR

    Terra 2.0

    Stake Now!
    3,048,773.94 LUNA
    3,902,430.65 USD
    14.48% APR


    Stake Now!
    1,581,609.76 KUJI
    677,133.00 USD
    0.00% APR


    Stake Now!
    523,193.97 EVMOS
    196,584.90 USD
    86.77% APR


    Stake Now!
    850,873.38 INJ
    4,075,683.48 USD
    16.64% APR

    Mars Hub

    Stake Now!
    633,294.77 MARS
    82,035.10 USD
    % APR


    Stake Now!
    12,161.02 AXL
    7,344.57 USD
    0.74% APR


    Stake Now!
    2,304,997.29 XPRT
    774,704.98 USD
    29.04% APR


    Stake Now!
    6,667,127.82 STARS
    116,844.81 USD
    38.37% APR


    Stake Now!
    415,762.04 PASG
    0.00 USD
    0.00% APR


    Stake Now!
    371,623,404.07 HUAHUA
    0.36 USD
    38.31% APR


    Stake Now!
    12.10 FLIX
    0.00 USD
    0.00% APR


    Stake Now!
    3,680,018.13 CMDX
    220,241.63 USD
    38.40% APR


    Stake Now!
    254,841.20 QCK
    0.00 USD
    77.98% APR

    Band Protocol

    Stake Now!
    303,250.36 BAND
    548,883.16 USD
    10.89% APR

    Gravity Bridge

    Stake Now!
    1,381,414.46 GRAV
    10,471.45 USD
    2.25% APR


    Stake Now!
    18,749.13 CRE
    1,139.16 USD
    % APR


    Stake Now!
    351,201.64 NGM
    10,184.00 USD
    33.29% APR


    Stake Now!
    82,610.82 NOM
    0.00 USD
    % APR


    Stake Now!
    1,286,406.28 SOMM
    209,426.94 USD
    0.00% APR


    Stake Now!
    308,471.38 TORI
    8,300.96 USD
    181.87% APR

    Lum Network

    Stake Now!
    84,003,508.53 LUM
    55,277.67 USD
    42.97% APR


    Stake Now!
    2,024,751.21 BTSG
    102,970.75 USD
    35.30% APR


    Stake Now!
    1,200,001.00 C4E
    0.00 USD
    % APR

    Dig Chain

    Stake Now!
    11,792,249.01 DIG
    2,858.32 USD
    73.22% APR


    Stake Now!
    470,946.55 VDL
    6,970.97 USD
    24.98% APR

    Odin Protocol

    Stake Now!
    5,420,980.73 ODIN
    194,132.10 USD
    % APR


    Stake Now!
    17,880,505.39 XRD
    761,437.57 USD
    10% APR

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About CryptoCrew Validators

As a trusted blockchain infrastructure provider we run enterprise-grade nodes in highly secure, accessible and reliable Tier-4 datacenters, powered by 100% renewable energy sources. We work closely together with many core-teams to contribute and promote adoption of our supported blockchain networks, we actively participate in protocol governance and engage with the community.

#IBCgang & Web 3.0

The IBC (Internet Of Blockchains) protocol is the Cosmos standard for blockchain interoperability; utilizing IBC sovereign & application-specific blockchains are able to communicate with each other in a fully decentralized and permissionless manner.

Validators —

Coming Soon:

Axelar, Agoric, Impact Hub, Sentinel Hub, Gnoland, Craft, Passage, Kujira

Actively Relaying:

Cosmoshub, Osmosis, Terra, Juno, Secret Network, Band Protocol, Evmos, Gravity Bridge, Crescent, Comdex, Stargaze, Omniflix, E-Money, Bitsong, Lum Network, Sommelier, Chihuahua Chain, Dig Chain, Vidulum