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CryptoCrew is a Validator, IBC Integrator, Relayer and Blockchain Node Infrastructure Provider. Validating over 40 Networks. Relaying over 50 Networks. EU-registered Company.
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Game of Chains
84,560,899 $
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34.72 USD
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IBC Relayer by CryptoCrew
Total IBC transactions processed by CryptoCrew on Injective:
Amount staked Amount staked
949,668.55 INJ
Amount staked in USD Amount staked in USD
32,972,491.92 USD
Bonded rate: Bonded rate:
Yearly ROI: Yearly ROI:
14.97% APR
Nak. Coeff.: Nakamoto Coefficient:
Decentralization: Decentralization:
Uptime: Uptime:
Last Updated: Last Updated:
22:36 UTC
Commission: Commission:
Validator Addr.: Validator Address:
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Governance Voting

Our governance team consists of experts with a deep understanding of the ecosystems and protocols in which we participate. Each proposal is carefully reviewed by our team. We analyze the potential impact, benefits, and risks associated with the proposal, as well as the overall sentiment within the community.
A trustable partner in governance

Maximum Security

To ensure maximum security of your staked assets we use bare-metal servers in Tier-4 datacenters all over the world. Keys are stored on remote key management systems (Horcrux) or on hardware key modules. We use high-tech intrusion detection and prevention systems & encrypted connections.
Bare Metal Alliance

IBC Relayer & Integrator

The Inter Blockchain Communication protocol serves as the backbone of the interchain. We are under the top 5 IBC relayers in the world and are currently relaying on over 50 networks. We‘ve helped multiple projects to integrate IBC seamlessly. We provide powerful IBC Infrastructure to chains we support.
IBC Relaying & Infrastructure

On-Call & Support

Our experienced on-call incident response team monitors our system metrics around the clock. Operators work in shifts to ensure high uptime and a fast incident response. If you have any questions please reach out! Our professional support team is happy to help you: support@ccvalidators.com.
On-Call & Incident Response Team

Customized Staking Solutions

We offer customized staking solutions for high value stakers, associate delegators and companies. Please send us an email for further informations and bespoke offers to:

About CryptoCrew Validators

“We power the interchain” CryptoCrew Validators is a reputable Austrian-based blockchain infrastructure provider, validator, and IBC relayer, committed to upholding the highest standards of transparency, integrity, and security. With a global network of decentralized bare metal servers, the company utilizes advanced security and monitoring systems, all overseen by a dedicated 24/7 on-call team. In the past year, CryptoCrew Validators has been instrumental in securing more than 30 interchain networks and facilitating well over 5 million IBC transactions, solidifying its position as a key player in the Interchain ecosystem.

CryptoCrew Validators serves as a core contributor to various Cosmos chains, including the Persistence and Comdex networks, while maintaining close collaborations with other prominent projects, such as Osmosis Labs, Juno Core, Injective Labs, and Secret Labs, among others.

Recently emerging victorious in the Game of Chains Interchain Security incentivized testnet, CryptoCrew is well-positioned for the expansion of the AEZ (Atom Economic Zone). Eager to propel Interchain adoption, the team is expanding its presence within the Cosmos ecosystem and embarking on multiple new projects in 2024.

#IBCgang & Web 3.0

The IBC (Internet Of Blockchains) protocol is the Cosmos standard for blockchain interoperability; utilizing IBC sovereign & application-specific blockchains are able to communicate with each other in a fully decentralized and permissionless manner.

Validators —

Coming Soon:

Agoric, Akash, Anoma, Cheqd, Babylon Chain, Berachain, Celestia, dYdX, Gitopia, Gnoland, Lava Network, Penumbra, Prism, Sei Network

Actively Relaying:

Agoric, Akash, Axelar, Band Protocol, Bitsong, Canto, Chihuahua, Comdex, Composable, Cosmoshub, Crescent, Cronos, Crypto-Org, E-Money, Empowerchain, Evmos, Gravity Bridge, Injective, Juno, Kava, Kujira, Lum Network, Mars Protocol, Migaloo (White Whale), Neutron, Noble, Nolus, Odin Protocol, Omniflix, Osmosis, Persistence, Quasar, Quicksilver, Secret Network, Stargaze, Stride, Teritori, Terra2, Vidulum, Wormhole

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  • Clemens Scarpatetti Clemens Scarpatetti
    CEO, CTO - DevOps Lead, Strategic Lead
  • Christian Russ Christian Russ
    CEO, CFO - Head of Finances, Personnel
  • Sonja Gstaettner Sonja Gstaettner
    CMO - Management, Marketing, Design
  • André Kerschhaggl André Kerschhaggl
    Advisor, Communications
  • Simon Rose Simon Rose
    Advisor, DevOps
  • Paul Leonhard Paul Leonhard
    Blockchain Developer
  • Alex Alex
    Site Reliability Engineer
  • q.prjct q.prjct
    Governance Lead, Support