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Solva Blockchain Solutions GmbH
Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung

UID-Nr.: ATU77935558
FN: 574972 y
Firmenbuchgericht: Landesgericht für ZRS Graz
Sitz: 8010 Graz
Conrad-von-Hötzendorfstraße 6

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We help each other, share knowledge and charts, or simply just love to chat about crypto-related topics. If you have any technical questions related to our validators please join our official validator support group. You can check out our guides & tutorials on Reddit and follow us on Twitter.

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About CryptoCrew Validators

As a trusted blockchain infrastructure provider we run enterprise-grade nodes in highly secure, accessible and reliable Tier-4 datacenters, powered by 100% renewable energy sources. We work closely together with many core-teams to contribute and promote adoption of our supported blockchain networks, we actively participate in protocol governance and engage with the community.

#IBCgang & Web 3.0

The IBC (Internet Of Blockchains) protocol is the Cosmos standard for blockchain interoperability; utilizing IBC sovereign & application-specific blockchains are able to communicate with each other in a fully decentralized and permissionless manner.

Validators —

Coming Soon:

Axelar, Agoric, Impact Hub, Sentinel Hub, Gnoland, Craft, Passage, Kujira

Actively Relaying:

Cosmoshub, Osmosis, Terra, Juno, Secret Network, Band Protocol, Evmos, Gravity Bridge, Crescent, Comdex, Stargaze, Omniflix, E-Money, Bitsong, Lum Network, Sommelier, Chihuahua Chain, Dig Chain, Vidulum